Maintain your Church

The Church Buildings Maintenance in Scotland project is designed to provide learning modules, toolkit modules and resources that will enable you to increase your knowledge of how to maintain your church...

The Maintenance Articles contain articles for study. The Toolkits provide answers to problems generally experienced in maintaining a church and information about the architectural features found in Scottish churches. The Resources provide additional guidance in the downloadable materials, as well as the opportunity to participate in discussion with other people involved in maintaining churches. You could also jumpstart your search by looking at our FAQs or Top Tips.

We hope this project will prove useful to you, and we welcome your feedback...

Popular Glossary Terms


A form of building in which the principal rafters extend down to ground level, and rest on concrete pads. The ends of the building are triangular.


Used in two senses:1. Point at which a roof meets a wallhead.2. massive structure supporting the ends of a bridge


Crushed stone, gravel, sand, or other granular material used in making concrete, mortar and plaster.  Coarse aggregate can be used to face pre-cast concrete panels, the product being known as 'exposed aggregate' panels. In some styles of pointing the surface of the mortar is brushed off to reveal the grains of aggregate on the surface.

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Recent Case Studies

Kilninver Church

Read about how defects in Kilninver Church were discovered, how funding was acquired and the process of repairing the building.

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Roof Collapse at St John's, Girvan

See the dramatic effect of wet and dry rot on this disused church. Ignore a rot report at your peril!

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Stained glass and tracery repairs to St Ninian's, Glasgow

The west window of St Ninian's sustained sudden damage. Find out how it was repaired and see pictures of the completed work.

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