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We’ve been championing Scotland’s ecclesiastical built heritage for almost half a century. When you donate to us, it is an investment in the nation’s collective history, ensuring that these cherished landmarks are not just maintained, but also passed down to the next generation.

A small contribution today would help towards the running costs of this important website that signposts thousands of online visitors to hundreds of sacred buildings in every corner of the country. As many of these churches do not have their own online presence, our website provides a vital “concierge” service, sharing opening times, historical information, contact details and more.

Your donation will also allow our small office team to continue to advise congregations about the upkeep, maintenance and promotion of their church buildings and support our various activities working with volunteers across the country, such as recording Scotland’s closing churches, and the regular advocacy work we do with a variety of stakeholders on behalf of the country’s roughly 3000 religious buildings.

Ring-fenced donations or offers of sponsorship are also gladly welcomed as we re-open our long-standing building and organ grants programmes, supporting building maintenance, organ tuition and public events in Scottish churches.

All gifts, large or small, will stand as a lasting testament to your desire to preserve Scotland’s sacred landscape and cultural heritage. Help us safeguard this remarkable built legacy, cherished for centuries by their local communities, so that they will continue to inspire, comfort and delight visitors within their walls for generations to come.

There are many different ways to donate to us:


Become a “Friend” of Scotland’s Churches Trust 

Find out more about our annual “Friends” scheme here.

Pay Directly into our Bank Account

Please get in touch and we will give you our bank account details.

Send us a cheque

Made payable to “Scotland’s Churches Trust”, you can find our address is below.

Support or sponsor a grants initiative

Get in touch with us if you would like to donate towards or sponsor a ring-fenced grants programme that will positively benefit Scotland’s sacred buildings. Successive panels of dedicated Trust volunteers have been administering and monitoring financial grants to churches and musical scholars across Scotland on our behalf for almost fifty years.

Donate some Shares to us

If you donate shares to charity their market value is deducted from your taxable income and you have no capital gains tax to pay.

Leave us a legacy

Perhaps you might kindly remember Scotland’s Churches Trust when making or altering your will? As a general rule assets bequeathed (or gifted) to charities are exempted from capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

Gift Aid your Donation

If you are a UK taxpayer and wish to make use of the government Gift Aid Scheme (at NO cost to yourself) please email us stating that you agree with the following statement: “I am a UK tax payer and wish to Gift Aid all donations made to Scotland’s Churches Trust. I also agree with the SCT privacy policy as described at” 

Please email us here for further information about any of the above, or you can write to us at:

Scotland’s Churches Trust
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