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Do we need to have fire exit signs and emergency lighting in the church?

What can we do with stone that is crumbling/eroding as sand?

Can we replace cast iron rainwater goods with Upvc?

Is silicone treatment a good idea for walls with damp penetration?

What is the best way to protect our stained glass from vandals?

Can we get new Scots slates?

How do we decorate over distemper?

How can we stop damp affecting interior church walls?

Do we need a lightning conductor?

What does nail sickness look like?

How can we get paint off stone successfully?

How can we stop draughts from wall vents?

How do we cover stains in paintwork?

How often should we get the electrics/gas heaters tested?

How do we get salt staining off stone or brick?

Where do we find a specialist to look at our clock or bell?

Are bird guards/wire balloons worth it -- they block up with leaves?

What can we do about lead flashings that lift up in the wind?

Do we need to provide disabled access to the raised chancel area?

 What is the best paint for woodwork to avoid peeling?

Can we block up roof ventilators? They let in rain sometimes.

Can we repair a crack in the render or do we need to replace it over the whole wall or panel?

Should we fit some safety harness anchor bolts for the roofer to carry out maintenance?

And if the whole wall is suffering from stone/bricks that are spalling/crumbling?

Where do we find someone to repair or clean the stained glass?  Can we clean it ourselves?

Hi,we have a problem with efforvescent staining on an inside wall.The external wall is red sandstone and is about 3ft thick.The staining is on a stairwell at low level.There are no visible penetration signs externally and the ground appears to be well ventilated. Any help would be appreciated. Regards. Jim Nisbet.