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The St Ninian Pilgrim Journey

Route length: 412 miles

Whithorn in Galloway is the cradle of Scottish Christianity. It is also a place of mystery and austere beauty. Rich in early Christian carvings, once a wealthy centre of royal pilgrimage, Whithorn retains a rare otherness. Travel cross-country through Scotland’s borderlands or by Glasgow and Ayrshire, connecting the abbeys and castles of Scotland’s kings.

We offer two routes to Whithorn. One is a cross country journey through Scotland’s borderlands into Galloway. Royal penitents such as James IV traversed this way. There is also a western way by Glasgow and the Ayrshire Pilgrim Trail, connecting the abbeys, cathedrals, palaces and castles of Scotland’s kings. You may choose to make a circuit going by one route and returning by the other.

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