Lothian And Lammermuir

The St Bea and St Baldred Pilgrim Journey

Route length: 119 miles

Neither Bea nor Baldred can be described as household names. But that is exactly what makes this Pilgrim Journey so revealing. East Lothian and Berwickshire form a very distinctive area of Scotland with its own culture, history and spiritual traditions, as well as its own landscape, seascape and an unrivalled cluster of historic towns and villages.

But there is something more- elusive perhaps but definite. Land and sea seem to match one to the other in vivid definition, and clear light. The Lammermuir range traverses the long Firth of Forth, or is it the other way round? The level expanses are waymarked by the very definite contours of Arthur’s Seat, North Berwick Law, Traprain Law and the Bass Rock. Further out in the mouth of the estuary sits the rocky Isle of May, like a dream isle of the deep that seems at times to float on the horizon. The quality of light is in and through everything, with subtle and ever shifiting changes of perception. It is a sacred landscape that draws artists, naturalists, scientists, poets and visionaries to its contemplation.

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