Tweed To Tyne

The St Cuthbert Pilgrim Journey

Route length: 222 miles

From Edinburgh to Melrose and Holy Island, you follow Cuthbert’s quest for peace in a troubled age. You can also follow the St Cuthbert’s Way, a sign-posted walking route from Melrose to Lindisfarne, and connect with Scotland’s Borders Abbeys Way which maps out the routes between Jedburgh, Kelso, Dryburgh and Melrose Abbeys. The Pilgrim Journey continues to Cuthbert’s final resting place at Durham.

Cuthbert is one of the most fully documented and most attractive of the early missionary saints. A vivid sense of a strong, gentle personality captured by an even stronger gentler love of God comes through the places and the stories, many preserved by the Venerable Bede. First shepherd, then soldier, monl, reluctant bishop and hermit, Cuthbert’s is a very human journey though orientated towards the inner peace of God. On this journey you encounter quiet strength and meditation, amidst natural repose.

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