From Coast to Coast

The St Andrew Pilgrim Journey

Route length: 304 miles

From Iona to St Andrews, or St Andrews to Iona, you follow the birth of Scotland through its major pilgrim shrines. By way of Iona, Dunkeld, Scone, Abernethy and St Andrews, an emergent nation fashioned its spiritual identity. This required a blending of different Celtic traditions- Irish, Pictish and British- and a continual interaction with the European mainland.

There is history aplenty on this journey but also exceptional scenic variety and beauty. From the Inner Hebrides, through Argyllshire, Highland Perthshire and into Tayside you experience a dimension of Scotland that is Highland and Lowland, with settled valleys, and wooded glens alongside the familiar mountains. Attractive towns and villages are on all sides with many historic churches nestling in their midst.

The route also links twenty first century sanctuaries that nurture a modern sense of peace and self discovery. Iona and St Andrews are contrasting centres of international attention, while Dunkeld sits quietly by the Tay in winsome wooded retreat.

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