People of Scotland's Churches Trust

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal with Dr Brian Fraser and Mr A Stewart Brown
Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal with Dr Brian Fraser and Mr A Stewart Brown

The Trust is governed by its Trustees, guided by its sub-committees, informed by local representatives throughout Scotland and managed by two Directors and an administrator.

HRH The Princess Royal

Lady Marion Fraser

Mr Robin Blair (Chairman)
The Rt Rev Dr John Armes
Ms Muriel Armstrong
Professor Andrew Calder
Professor Ian Campbell
The Most Rev Leo Cushley
Mr Liam Devlin
Major Jamie Erskine
Dr Brian Fraser
Mr John Gerrard
Mr James N Gibson
Mr John Graham
Professor John R Hume
The Very Rev Sheilagh Kesting
Lord Wilson of Tillyorn

Mr Stuart Beattie

Mrs Georgina Treharne-Hulks

Miss Rosemary Mann

*Mr John Gerrard (Chairman)
*Professor Ian Campbell
*Major Jamie Erskine
*Prof John R Hume
Ms Roz Artis
Mr A Stewart Brown
Dr Robin Evetts
Mr Bob Heath
Mr Gerry McQue

Mrs Fiona Campbell (Stirlingshire)
The Rev David Cooper (Shetland)
Mr & Mrs R L B Cormack (Orkney)
Ms Esme Duncan (North Highland)
Mr Michael Dunlop (Dumfries & Galloway)
The Rev Steve Fulcher (South Argyll)
Miss Joan Fish (South & East Ayrshire)
The Rev Stephen Fulcher (South Argyll)
Mr John Gair (Dumbartonshire)
Mr David Gauld (Angus/Dundee)
The Rev Dan Gafvert (Lanarkshire)
Mr Sandy Gilchrist (South Lanarkshire/Tweeddale)
Mr Matthew Henderson (Glasgow)
Mr Alan Herd (North & West Borders)
Mrs Deirdre Howie (Midlothian/Edinburgh)
The Rev Esther Jamieson (Western Isles - North)
Mrs Nancy Johnston (Perthshire)
The Rev Alan Lamb (West Highlands)
Fr Michael McDonald (Western Isles - South)
Mr Norman McGilvray (North Ayrshire)
The Rev Robin McHaffie (South & East Borders)
Mrs Sarah Mackay (Central HIghlands)
Mr Harry Macpherson (Falkirk & West Lothian)
Mr Norman Marr (Aberdeenshire)
Mr Ian Milne (Inverclyde)
Mr John Paton (North Argyll)
Mr David and Mrs Beryll Robinson (East Lothian)
Mrs Roma Roy (Fife)
Mr Andrew Thackrey (Edinburgh)
Mr Robin Wardlaugh (Angus/Dundee)

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