Linked Churches

Often a member church may be linked with a number of others, perhaps as many as three or four. We are always seeking ways to make our grant opportunities reach as many buildings as possible. So, we can no longer cover linked churches by a single subscription and to benefit from SCT’s grant opportunities linked churches will need to join in their own right. So we would urge any Place of Worship with a congregation to join as distinct members. However, congregations that rotate over more than one building will still be able to apply for their support to all their buildings, but each congregation with a working building needs to join in order to benefit.

The benefits of SCT membership extend of course beyond eligibility for fabric and organ grants. Free advertising e.g. and invitations to events form other parts of an extensive package for our members.

As part of this process, if they have not already done so, I wish to invite linked church(es) to subscribe.

The link below will display a form allowing completion of the direct debit for the linked church to pay the subscription.

SCT direct debit subscription

Thank you for your understanding.

Please contact for further details.